Yorkshire Bank Offers a Little Bit of Everything

by Mark Johnston

Yorkshire Bank was founded in 1859 in Halifax, West Yorkshire. It is now part of the National Australia Bank Group which is one of the largest financial institutions in Australia and the 17th largest in the world. 

Yorkshire Bank employs over 6,000 staff across a network of 255 branches which stretch the length of the UK. Yorkshire Bank has been voted “Best Regional Lender” by Your Mortgage Magazine several times. The Bank offers a selection of flexible mortgage deals for home movers, first time buyers and those looking to remortgage. 

The Bank offers two fixed term mortgages, the first is a 2 year mortgage at which can be taken on a number of different terms depending what size deposit you have. Those with a 35% deposit can take a 2 year fixed rate as 3.49% (APR 4.6%). A 25% mortgage would mean an increase to 3.99%, 15% deposit 5.49% whilst the smallest deposit available is 10% and comes with a 5.99% rate at 5.1% APR. All the Yorkshire bank mortgages revert back to their standard rate of 4.59% 

Those looking for a 5 year fixed rate mortgage can take the 35% deposit version at 4.58%.. The 5 year provides the same deposit options with the 25% deposit costing 5.39% (5.2% APR) and the 15% deposit version costing 6.59% (5.7% APR). The 90% loan to value mortgage that only requires a 10% mortgage is offered at 6.60% (5.8% APR).

If you combine your current account, personal loan, overdraft and mortgage into one Yorkshire Bank account you can take advantage of some great deals. The banks ‘Rapid Repay’ mortgage offers a flexible approach to overpayment with no hidden fees at a rate of 3.99% (4.2% APR). The best feature is that you can make additional payments whenever you like without incurring any charges.

For those looking for an offset mortgage where your bank and savings are offset against your mortgage you could do worse than look at Yorkshire Banks offset 2 year discount. The initial rate I just 2.59% for a loan to value (LTV) of 65% or 2.99% for anyone with a 25% deposit. If you’re quick you could also take advantage of their limited offer of a 50% discount of mortgage fees which could save you up to £500.

When we say the Yorkshire bank offers a little bit of everything we really do mean it. If you like warm weather, Mediterranean food, beautiful scenery and a relaxed pace of life. Then maybe a move to Spain is for you. Yorkshire bank offer a Spanish mortgage service that takes care of everything from finance to legal and even help with viewings.

Yorkshire bank teamed up with CAM Bank to provide this unique service in Spain. CAM Bank is one of the largest financial groups in Spain. With more than 130 years’ banking experience, they lead the way in supporting overseas clients buying Spanish properties.

The bank has a strong presence on the Mediterranean coast, the Balearic and Canary Islands, with over 1,100 branches and 7,000 staff. They also have more than 120 international branches where English is spoken.

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