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Latest mortgage news on deals and offers from Santander Bank

Santander to Contact Customers.

Santander to Contact Customers.

The bank of England base rate began to fall at the end of 2007 and continued to fall quickly in 2008 with the rate dropping by 3 percentage points between September and December 2008.

However, along with other banks Santander decided not to pass these drops on to their customers, instead they kept their standard variable rates (SVR) higher. Read more

Santander’s mortgages fall.

                                     Santander’s mortgages fall.

Santander it seems has been scaling back on lending and had said it expected to reduce its mortgage stock.

The UK arm of the business, revealed a sharp fall in the three months to September 30 as funding and regulatory costs impacted on their margins. Read more

Santander to Raise its Standard Variable Rates.

                  Santander to Raise its Standard Variable Rates.

In May 2012 lenders including the Halifax, Yorkshire bank and Clydesdale bank increased their standard variable rates (SVR), despite the Bank of England’s base rate remaining at its historical low of 0.5 per cent.

Figures show that over 1.2 million people have therefore already seen rises in their standard variable rate (SVR) mortgages, which will cost them over £300 million in the next year alone.  Read more

Santander Tightens Their Lending

It seems that Santander has provided tremendous support to the UK mortgage market, particularly over the past few years. It has been a major player in the market since the credit crunch started in 2008.

Santander UK figures have shown that its gross mortgage lending rocketed by 33% in the first few months of 2012. The lender carried out £5.6 billion of gross lending in these months compared with £4.2 billion in the same period last year.  Read more

Preparing for a Euro Collapse

As Greek voters go to the polls in elections that could determine the future of the euro zone, the head of the World Bank, Robert Zoellick, is advising emerging nations to ready themselves for the consequences of events in the single currency area.

A disorderly euro zone break up could potentially spark another deep recession comparable to that caused by the previous banking crisis in the UK. Read more

Spanish Giant Santander Reduced Rates

Spanish giant Santander have reduced rates across some of its mortgage range to attract more borrowers from other providers. Borrowers looking for a competitive deal could do worse than taking a look at Santander’s new range that was re-priced on Friday.

Santander, who moved into the UK market by buying up failing banks and building societies hit hard by the credit crisis has revised its mortgage proposition by reducing its rates which include fixed rate and tracker mortgages. At the same time they have launched two other products to bolster their proposition which they hope to use to take a larger share of the UK mortgage market. Read more

Sanatander Remortgage Deals

The Spanish bank Santander is offering a massive range of mortgages at some of the most competive prices in the United Kingdom. Whether you are looking for a buy to let mortgage to finance your first property investments, a first time buyer looking to get their foot on the property ladder or a home onmwer looking to movce into their dream home then Santander seems to have a product for you. Read more

95 Per Cent Mortgage Deals

Thousands of first time buyers across England will be reading the reports in the press with baited breathe at the potential for a 95 per cent mortgage coming onto the market soon.  Read more

Santander Tops The Mortgage Best Buy Tables

The banking giant Santander that took over a number of British high street banks during the height of the financial crisis, has launched a new market leading mortgage. The new mortgage which is topping many of the best buy tables is a two year 90% loan to value (LTV) mortgage. At the same time the bank which is calling itself the ‘Home of UK Mortgages’ has also reduced a number of their mortgage rates. Read more

Santander Cut Fees By up to £200

The Spanish banking giant Santander has announced a move to support this customers in difficult times by reducing the fees on some of their mortgages. The move is to provide extra help for those looking to take out a mortgage at a time when spare income is being stretched due to the increase in VAT from 17.5% to 20%. Read more

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