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Is Northern Rock to be a Part of Help to Buy Scheme?

Is Northern Rock to be a Part of Help to Buy Scheme.

Northern Rock is well known as one of the main drivers that caused the recent recession during 2008 in the UK.

Therefore at the start of the financial crisis in 2008 Northern Rock was rescued by the UK tax payer. Read more

Northern Rock Anniversary

Late last month there were two anniversaries of the failed banking system in 2007.  Northern Rock and Lehman Brothers reflect on where they were in 2007 and where they are now.  Licking their wounds, are they reformed or is the issuing of the Vickers report in the same month just a coincidental anecdote by the FSA. Read more

Northern Rock Fined

The Financial Services Authority (FSA) has judged and fined two former directors of Northern Rock for their part in the mortgage breakdown during the credit crunch. These two directors have also been banned from working for a regulated financial firm again. Read more

Northern Rock

The UK Financial Investments organisation set up by the Government to manage banking assets, have appointed Deutsche Bank the role of helping Northern Rock back into the private sector. Read more

Change at Northern Rock

A deal was struck recently which will see Northern Rock manage 400,000 mortgage accounts on a platform from Unisys.  The holding company, tasked with managing Northern Rocks closed mortgage books, UK Asset Resolution ratified the deal in early April but the paperwork has been signed since the fourth quarter of last year.  Read more

Northern Rock on the Rocks Again

I asked recently what the point was of continuing to keep afloat Northern Rock, why this company still around and, more to the point, when can the tax payer expect their money back from this failed group.  Read more

The Fall and Rise of Northern Rock

What is the point of Northern Rock? Why is this company still around and, more to the point, when can the tax payer expect their money back from this failed group? This seems to be the general line of questioning and investigation when the public read any news about this particular bank these days. Read more

Northern Rock Support First Time Buyers WIth 90% LTV Mortgage

First time buyers are starting to see an end in sight to the troubles they have had following the financial crisis. A number of mortgage lenders have launched new products which they claim will help first time buyers.

Northern Rock, the sate owned back that was rescued by tax payers following it causing the first run on a British bank in over 100 years. The bank recently announced that it will offer mortgages with a loan to value of 90%. These sorts of mortgages are classes as first time buyer mortgages because only a small deposit is required so those looking to get their foot onto the expensive UK property market wont need to save up as much as what was previously required. Read more

Northern Rock Set to Launch New Mortgages Ahead of Sale to Private Sector

Northern Rock, the Newcastle based bank that was hit hard during the financial crisis is about to launch a new mortgage product that they hope will see them regain their position in the UK market. Read more

Northern Rock Reduces Mortgage Range

Northern Rock re-launched a selection of its mortgage range to tempt customers looking to purchase a new home as well as those looking to re-finance their current loan. Read more

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