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Mortgage deals and offers from the Nationwide Building Society

More Deals for First Time Buyers

First time buyers are considered generally to be the major driving force behind the housing market. When they purchase a property it then allows homeowners to buy bigger more expensive properties. This in turn helps to support the economy by spurring shopping for paint for their new home to white goods. First time buyer numbers however have dropped significantly over the past few years as buyers have been forced out of the market with the recent financial crisis. Read more

War of the Mortgages

Low mortgage rates are here for the foreseeable future as banks and building societies fight to pull in a larger share of the mortgage market. One thing to look out for amongst all the headline grabbing rates is the fees that are associated with some of these deals. Read more

Nationwide Mortgage Offer Trap

We recently reviewed the Nationwide Building Societies Save to Buy Deal which allowed would be first time buyers an opportunity to save money and possibly receive a 95 per cent deposit and other quite good usually not reserved for FTB’s.  Read more

Nationwide 95% Mortgage

As a first time buyer, you need to consider all variables involved in purchasing a house.  There are legal fees, stealth taxes like Stamp Duty and removal van costs and of course, you have your deposit to consider.  These can mount up and sometimes lead to administration costs of £10,000, seriously eating into any cash you may have accumulated for a deposit.  Read more

Nationwide Do Not Want Your Money

In an astonishing admission, Nationwide’s group distribution director Matthew Wyles said that ‘as a lender, we would rather lend 75% loan-to-value on a buy-to-let mortgage to an experienced buy-to-let investor, than to a first-time buyer at 95% LTV.’  This surprising candor was expelled in a recent housing industry debate set up by HSBC Bank plc.  Read more

Cautious About Housing Market

The United Kingdom’s second largest mortgage provider, Nationwide is cautiously looking into the future of the UK market. A recent report published by the Nationwide has show a rise in their profits but they are still concerned about what will happen in the wider property market. Read more

Nationwide Launches £99 Fee Mortgage

The largest building society in the world, Nationwide, has launched a re-mortgage product with no product, valuation or legal fees. The only thing a customer has to pay is a standard booking fee of £99.

The building society is offering three products under this range. Borrowers can choose from either a two, three or five year fixed rate mortgage. The £99 fee compared well against rivals like Cheltenham & Gloucester and the Spanish bank Santander who charge up to £995 in fees. Read more

Buy to Let Property in Negative Equity

The National Housing Federation (NHF) have published new forecasts that suggest that buy to let landlords who invested in property in the residential letting market at the peak in 2007 may be trapped by negative equity until at least 2014 Read more

Nationwide report House Prices Down by 0.5%

A new report just published shows quarterly house price results which has shown the first fall in five months. The report which is published by the largest building Society in the world, Nationwide shows a 0.5% reduction which is worrying news to an already fragile market. Read more

Nationwide Cuts Rates on Home Credit Mortgages

The Nationwide has said that as from today some of the mortgage interest rates on its home credit packages will be cut from immediate effect. Read more

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