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Mortgage deals from Lloyds TSB bank

Bank Bailout in Ireland Causes More Agony

Lenders in Ireland are still desperate for additional financial support, despite the 46 billion euros that have been pumped into the system lately but the Irish government is about to make one final push.  Read more

Lloyds Auction 600 Branches

Lloyds Banking Group Plc, the biggest mortgage lender in Britain, is poised to change the face of the banking network forever in the next few days. Lloyds have solicited the help of the investment giants Citygroup Incorporated and JP Morgan Chase & Co. to help find buyers for about 600 branches that Lloyds have to sell. Read more

Halifax Pay Out Over Errors

Halifax has been paying around £500 million in compensation after it emerged that their literature was far to convoluted, complicated and confusing, resulting in about 300,000 homeowners paying more than they had expected to. Read more

Halifax Launches New Mortgage Products for 2011

A new year usually sees mortgage lenders falling over themselves to offer new loans to attract new customers. But 2011 has been exceptionally quite until now, the UK’s biggest lender the Halifax has just announced a new set of mortgage deals.

Amongst the new products is a two year tracker mortgage which is priced at a little under 2.5%. The home loan which has a fee of £995 at a rate of 2.49%  comes with a loan to value (LTV) of 60% so borrowers must have a massive 40% equity in their homes. At the same time the Halifax have launched a similar deal for those look for a fixed rate deal. The mortgage is 3.14% with a fee of £995 and again a loan to value of 60%. Those with an average priced property of £150,000 would require a £60,000 deposit. Read more

New Negative Equity Mortgage From Lloyds

The Lloyds banking group has launched a new mortgage which is designed to help borrowers who have found themselves in negative equity as a result of the houses price decline. The support which they are calling the Equity Support Scheme will be launched next month and can be accessed by any borrowers who are with any of the Lloyds group companies. These include the Halifax, Cheltenham & Gloucester and Lloyds TSB. Read more

Borrowers Rush to Fix Deals as Lenders Increase Price

The clock is ticking for borrowers looking for a great fixed rate deal. With swap rates on the increase, banks and building societies are starting to increase their prices or take the cheapest deals off sale.

With lenders expecting an increase in interest rates later on this year, many providers are taking their best fixed rate deals off the market. The Halifax, the Uk’s biggest mortgage lender is the latest company to review their product offering and remove their best value deals. Read more

Halifax Announces Further Falls in House Prices

The UK’s largest mortgage lender, the Halifax has published its monthly house price report which shows a further decline in the value of an average priced home in the UK. The Halifax report showed a 1.3% decrease in the price of an average house in the UK to just £162,435. Read more

Lloyds Launches Lowest Fixed Rate Mortgage

Lloyds TSB have announced a brand new mortgage product which they claim is the lowest ever fixed rate mortgage. The three year fixed rate home loan is 3.94% although those with a Lloyds current account can take advantage of a generous discount of 0.2% making the fixed rate mortgage just 3.74%. Read more

Halifax Supports First Time Buyers

The UK’s biggest mortgage lender, the Halifax has launched a new two year fixed rate mortgage.  The loan has a 5.79% rate for first time buyers looking to get onto the UK property market. Read more

Halifax Raises Standard Variable Rate


The UK’s biggest mortgage lender has announced changes to its mortgage range that will result in large price hikes for first time buyers. The Halifax announced that from January 2011 it will raise its mortgage rates for new borrowers which will probably effect struggling first time buyers the most. Read more

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