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Mortgage deals from Lloyds TSB bank

Lenders cut fixed rate mortgages

Mortgages are more affordable than at any time in the past 12 years. The average borrowers repayments, today take up just 28% of their take home pay, the lowest level since 1999. By contrast in 2007 mortgage repayments ate up 48% of earnings. Read more

A blunder by the Halifax?

Would be first time buyers are struggling to get on to the property ladder due to few lenders offering 95% loan to value (LTV) mortgages. However the guardian reported that there are approximately 31 of these products available, this is an increase from January 2011 which showed 24 products and just 6 were available in June 2009. Read more

Halifax Reviews Range of Mortgates

The Halifax has been reviewing its charges on a number of its products, as part of the Halifax review it has been decided to reduce charges on its fixed rate for both customers looking to re mortgage and also homebuyers. Read more

Lloyds Cutting Again

The Lloyds banking group are to release a further 15,000 more jobs and Mr Horta-Osorio said that he wants Lloyds to be the best bank for the customers. So to continue in the vein that they have been following for the last few years, they are set to remove a further 15,000 jobs from the group, accounting for about 14 per cent of the work force. Read more

95 Per Cent Mortgage Deals

Thousands of first time buyers across England will be reading the reports in the press with baited breathe at the potential for a 95 per cent mortgage coming onto the market soon.  Read more

Lloyds Vision

Recently there has been a raft of financial institutions reporting and delivering the results of their strategic reviews.  June will see Lloyds Banking Group, the third big lender behind Barclays and HSBC Bank plc to report on significant changes being made.  The Lloyds boss, Antonio Horta-Osorio will be seen as a man on a mission at the helm of the tax supported banking group.  Read more

More Repossessions Expected as Market Declines

Banks have warned that they are expecting that the number of repossessions to increase because of continued issue within the economy and within personal budgets.  They have told home owners that they are “not confident” that might not be able to lower repossessions or affect arrears as they had done last year. Read more

Lloyds Tighten Interest Only Loans

A tightening of interest only deals form Lloyds has been announced recently.  BM Solutions, part of the Lloyds banking group is now requesting that borrowers prove their repayment plan if they wish to take out an interest only mortgage deal.  This forms part of the Lloyds strategic review and new strategy going forwards.  They have reduced the maximum loan to value for interest only deals to 75 per cent and have restricted lending to less than £500, 000.  Read more

Lloyds Given Clear Choice

The recent Independent Commission on Banking (ICB) may force the Lloyds Banking Group to sell quite a lot more of their business than the group had planned for and had anticipated per regulation.  This may happen in order to ensure the competitive nature of the British banking market.  Read more

The Winners from the ICB Review

Which banks and lenders came out of the Independent Commission of Banking’s preliminary review best, which came out worse and what is the impact on your bank. Barclays and RBS were the stand out winners and the unfortunate Lloyds Banking Group; the biggest looser.  Read more

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