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Mortgage deals and offers from HSBC bank

HSBC Conveyancing Panel Causes Delays

Banking giant HSBC has denied that its conveyancing panel is closed to new firms following criticism from lawyers.

The HSBC established a panel of solicitors and licensed conveyancers to provide the required legal services to their home buying mortgage customers. Read more

Official Mortgage Figures

Those borrowers who are looking to take advantage of the sustained low Bank of England base rate of 0.5%, but are worried about future raises and want some sort of protection from them should look at capped mortgages.

Recently a leading financial website highlighted that the number of capped mortgages available on the market has increased over the past few years. Both HSBC’s telephone bank, First Direct and Barclays mortgage brand, The Woolwich are currently pushing their capped mortgage range. Read more

First Time Buyers Missing Potential Problems

Buying a home is a serious financial commitment, so it is therefore extremely important that first time buyers do all their homework and are aware of all the potential costs involved to ensure they can maintain the value of what is after all likely to be their biggest asset.

Peter Dockar, head of mortgages at the HSBC, says “it is important that first time buyers consider more than just their immediate desires when looking for their first home, as otherwise they could be in for a financial headache further down the line”, Read more

First Time Buyers in 2012

Some lenders expect the availability of secured credit in households to increase slightly in 2012, with the rise concentrated on borrowers with high loan to value (LTV) ratios.

The HSBC has announced that it will lend a minimum of £15 billion in mortgages, with £3 billion dedicated to first time buyers. Read more

Lenders cut fixed rate mortgages

Mortgages are more affordable than at any time in the past 12 years. The average borrowers repayments, today take up just 28% of their take home pay, the lowest level since 1999. By contrast in 2007 mortgage repayments ate up 48% of earnings. Read more

Lloyds Cutting Again

The Lloyds banking group are to release a further 15,000 more jobs and Mr Horta-Osorio said that he wants Lloyds to be the best bank for the customers. So to continue in the vein that they have been following for the last few years, they are set to remove a further 15,000 jobs from the group, accounting for about 14 per cent of the work force. Read more

Nationwide Do Not Want Your Money

In an astonishing admission, Nationwide’s group distribution director Matthew Wyles said that ‘as a lender, we would rather lend 75% loan-to-value on a buy-to-let mortgage to an experienced buy-to-let investor, than to a first-time buyer at 95% LTV.’  This surprising candor was expelled in a recent housing industry debate set up by HSBC Bank plc.  Read more

HSBC Bank plc Lowers Mortgage Rates for New Customers

Yes, today HSBC Bank plc has made the bold move and lowered it’s mortgage rates for new customers who live in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The rates have been decreased across its variable mortgage products and over its Amanah Home Finance for only new customers. This is effective immediately. Read more

First Direct Launch 1.99% Mortgage

The telephone and online bank, First Direct is still driving hard to take a even bigger share of the UK mortgage market by launching its cheapest tracker mortgage. Read more

Battle of the Banks – Mortgage Price War

UK Banking giants HSBC and Barclays are going head to head to take the lions share of the UK mortgage market. Both banks weathered the financial crisis well unlike many of their rivals which has given them a good footing and the resources to take on more mortgage customers. Read more

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