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Mortgage deals and offers from HSBC bank

New First Time Buyer Mortgage Range From The HSBC….

New First Time Buyer Mortgage Range From The HSBC….

The mortgage price war has over the past few months resulted in lots of good deals for borrowers with plenty of equity or a large deposit. Now however it appears that things could be looking up for first time buyers as well!

HSBC has recently announced that it is to launch a range of mortgages aimed at first time buyers with a 10 per cent deposit which it pledges will be the lowest on the high street. Read more

Fixed Rates Fall Below 1.5%.

Fixed Rates Fall Below 1.5%.

Due to current improvements in survey data, official data and the housing market, the bank of England’s governor Mark Carney has stated that interest rates will remain at their record low of 0.5 per cent for at least three more years.

This particular news will no doubt be god news for most home owners but it will mean more lean times for savers. Read more

HSBC Slash its Mortgage Rates Again!

HSBC Slash its Mortgage Rates Again!

Lenders continue to slash rates to attract borrowers it seems that the HSBC has become the latest lender to flex its muscle in the mortgage market.

According to Ian Gordon, a banking analyst at Investec, the broker, “The combination of new lenders, a renewed appetite to lend among the incumbent banks and cheap funding from the Bank of England could see rates fall by up to 0.2 of a percentage point”. Read more

HSBC’s Lending in 2013.

HSBC’s Lending in 2013.

HSBC entered in to the UK market when it acquired Midland bank in 1992, it slowly phased out the brand in 1999 and has been known as HSBC ever since.

In the UK, HSBC, only offers its mortgage products direct to consumers through its branch network and telephone services, it does not sell its products through mortgage advisers. The bank now ranks as one of the UK’s biggest lenders. Read more

HSBC Launch Lowest Ever 2 Year Fixed Rate.

HSBC Launch Lowest Ever  2 Year Fixed Rate.

After years of being downtrodden the mortgage customer may at last be back in the driving seat.

Recent research conducted by, a financial advice website, reveals that the mortgage market on a whole has literally turned on its hea in the last 5 years. Read more

HSBC Cut Mortgage Rates.

HSBC Cut Mortgage Rates.

It seems that the HSBC is marking the start of 2013 with some new competitive mortgage rates.

Peter Dockar, head of mortgages at the bank, said “we worked hard last year to help UK borrowers with aspirations to own their own home and we will continue to offer competitive rates”. Read more

HSBC Withdraw Mortgage Deal.

                                HSBC withdraws mortgage deal.

It seems that lenders are now engaged in a tug of war for mortgage business. It has become more and more apparent that the mortgage rate price war is well under way, with lenders finally competing for business.

The 3 month London Interbank Offered Rate  (LIBOR), the rate which banks use to lend to one another, has been reducing since January, meaning it is cheaper for banks to lend to one another. Read more

5 Year Fixed Rate Mortgages

The interest rates at which banks lend money to each other and on which fixed rate deals are based have recently been on the rise, therefore borrowers on variable rates who are considering switching to a fixed rate should get their skates on if they want obtain the cheapest deals.

Clare Francis, site editor at, stated “with inflation remaining stubbornly above the governments 2% target, pressure is mounting on the Bank of England to start increasing interest rates”. Read more

Tracker Deals on the Current Mortgage Market

It seems that some economists are now forecasting that interest rates will remain frozen at the historically low level of 0.5% until as late as 2016.

Mortgage rates hit a particularly ‘sweet spot’ in late 2011 with some very competitive deals on offer and this carried on in to early 2012. These deals however are now practically all gone, with most deals repriced substantially upwards. Read more

Marks and Spencer to Launch Bank

Marks and Spencer (M&S) launched their money service in 1985 and since 2000 they have offered home, travel and pet insurance. In 2003 they then launched a credit card and loyalty scheme.

Therefore with over 25 years financial services experience it is no wonder that they have recently confirmed that they are to launch their own bank with 50 branches planned for the next 2 years; the first bank will open its doors to customers in July 2012. Read more

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