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Analysis and information on the changes in house prices from the Nationwide and Halifax price monitors

House Prices in August Rise!

                              House prices in August rise!

Many sellers slashed their prices in order to tempt scarce summer buyers and therefore house prices in England and Wales fell an average of 2.4 per in August, according to property website,

It seems that this is the largest price drop ever recorded in August and brings the average house price to £236,260. Read more

What’s the Price of your Property?

                              What’s the price of your property?

In today’s financial climate it seems that it is hard to find anyone who can be 100% sure what their home is actually worth!

This may be due to the fact that the housing market simply is not functioning at the moment. It is not that prices have fallen as fluctuating prices have and always will be part of a healthy market. Read more

July’s House Prices.

                                                     July’s house prices.

Against a difficult economic backdrop, it could be argued thatUKhouse prices have shown resilience.

Martin Ellis, housing economist atHalifax, stated “At a national level, house prices have been very stable over the past year or so”. Read more

House Prices in June 2012.

House prices in June 2012.

TheHalifaxprice index reported that house prices bounced by more than £1,500 in June this year, but they did caution that property values were unlikely to rise this year and sales would not pick up from their low levels.

However, chief economist for Halifax, Martin Ellis, suggested that “continuing low levels of mortgage payments relative to income and recent increases in employment may have helped to support house prices so far this year”. Read more

Surprise Rise in House Prices

House prices have fallen 1.5% to £165,738 on average, the biggest fall since August 2009, in the year up to June 2012 according to Nationwide building society. The worse than expected figures were blamed on the poor economic climate.

A year ago, in May 2011, house prices were falling at an annual rate of 4.2%, but there has been an improvement in the annual rate of change over the past 12 months. Read more

House Sales Down in May 2012

The ongoing economic uncertainty in the UK and destabilising effect of the euro zone crisis has continued to dampen confidence in the market.

The results in most parts of the country are consistent with prices edging downwards in May 2012. However, the capital once again outperformed the rest of the country reporting increases rather decreasing prices. Read more

House Price Index Part One

It seems that as a nation we are all curious when it comes to property. Whether looking for a new home, wanting to upgrade or downsize or to just be plain nosey!

House price indices (HPIs) have been produced in theUKsince around 1973, initially by mortgage providers and more recently by government bodies and property market websites. Read more

UK Property Sales Fall Once Again

The brief flurry of activity in the property market has come to an end, due to the end of the stamp duty holiday for first time buyers.

There is generally a rise in sales in the spring as warmer weather seems to encourage some potential buyers to go house hunting. Read more

House Prices April 2012

According to the Halifax house prices fell in April at their fastest rate for 20 months, knocking nearly £4,000 off the value of the average property in Britain. House price therefore are now 0.9% lower than in April 2011.

The Nationwide house price index found that the price of a typical home fell by 0.2%, taking the average UK house price to around £164,134. On an annual basis, prices are now below their level a year ago. Read more

The Mortgage Market

Housing and mortgage market sentiment has improved a little over recent weeks.

For the time being at least, funding conditions have eased as a result of European Central Bank Operations, therefore lessening the need for UK banks to tighten mortgage pricing and terms. Read more

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