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All is Not Lost for the Co-operative Bank….

All is Not Lost for the Co-operative Bank….

In April this year the Co-operative group pulled out of its planned £750 million purchase of 632 Lloyds banking group branches, blaming the ‘state of the economy’ and ‘changes in the regulatory and capital environment’.

Then in May Moody’s, the rating agency, downgraded the Co-operative bank’s credit rating to ‘junk’ status, citing the need to plug a capital shortfall. Read more

Co-operative Bank gets Downgraded.

Co-operative Bank gets Downgraded.

The Co-operative bank has 6.5 million customers and a reputation for customer service and an ethical stance.

It also has a 1.5 per cent share of the current account market and is regarded by the government as a key challenger in the high street to the big four players, Lloyds, Royal bank of Scotland, HSBC and Barclays. Read more

Co-Operative Fined Over PPI Mis-Handling.

Co-Operative Fined Over PPI Mis-Handling.

Apparently payment protection insurance (PPI) is the most complained about product that the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) has ever seen.

Complaints about the payment protection insurance (PPI) mis-selling scandal are continuing to surge beyond all expectations and many analysts believe that the total industry wide bill will easily reach around £15 billion. Read more

Mortgage Incentives

It has always been quite common for mortgage lenders to offer benefits in order to attract new customer, although long gone are the days when lenders gave away televisions or Rover cars.

Adrian Anderson, of Anderson Harris a mortgage broker, has noted that “lenders are increasingly likely to now offer more subtle benefits, such as cashbacks, vouchers, fee free deals, free valuations or free legal fees”. Read more

The Co-operative Bank to Buy out Lloyds Branches

It seems that the Co-operative bank is to purchase 632 Lloyds branches, with a bid thought to be worth around £1 million.

Lloyds TSB, the state rescued bank which is 41% owned by the government, is being forced to sell some of its branches under European Union competition rules. These rules ensure that competition with in the EU is not restricted or distorted. Read more

Sound Mortgage Advice From The Co-op

The Co-operative bank has been demonstrating that it’s a responsible lender by suggesting that its customers pay capital off their mortgage. Since the Bank of England reduced its rates down to the historic 0.5% levels, many borrowers have had the luxury of greatly reduced monthly repayments. Prudent borrowers have used this opportunity to reduce the outstanding capital on their mortgage with the additional spare cash. Whilst others have chosen to spend the spare cash elsewhere. Read more

Co-op Launches a Good Deal for First Time Buyers

The Co-op Bank is again living up to its tag line “good with money” with its fixed rate offerings that have won them the prestigious moneywise best lender for fixed rate mortgage award.  With their fixed rate mortgage you know exactly what your monthly repayments will be so budgeting shouldn’t be a problem. Read more

Best Deals for 2 Year Fixed Cut

Borrowers have high hopes for the coming few months as the average fixed term interest rate falls. The average rate for a two year fixed term mortgage has seen a reduction to 4.52%. The fall in the fixed rate mortgage rate is the lowest since the middle of September 2003, many are hoping that this is the market predicting low interest rates for the medium term. Read more

Co-Op Bank – Good with Money? Good with Fixed Rate Mortgages

A good range of fixed rate mortgage products can be found at the cooperative bank in the UK up to 10 years in total if you want to fixed your interest rates for this length of time. Read more

Cooperative Bank 90% LTV Fixed Rate Mortgage

A new set of deals has been launched by the Cooperative Bank and the Britannia Building society offering new fixed rate mortgages at 90% LTV. Read more