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The Winners from the ICB Review

Which banks and lenders came out of the Independent Commission of Banking’s preliminary review best, which came out worse and what is the impact on your bank. Barclays and RBS were the stand out winners and the unfortunate Lloyds Banking Group; the biggest looser.  Read more

Battle of the Banks – Mortgage Price War

UK Banking giants HSBC and Barclays are going head to head to take the lions share of the UK mortgage market. Both banks weathered the financial crisis well unlike many of their rivals which has given them a good footing and the resources to take on more mortgage customers. Read more

Great Escape Mortgage Offers Great Savings

Barclays, who recently celebrated hitting £100 billion in mortgage lending has launched a new product for borrowers on the standard variable rate (SVR).

At the start of the month, Barclays mortgage brand Woolwich celebrated increasing its mortgage holding by almost 50%. Over the past three years they increased their holding from £56 billion to around £100 billion in home loans. Read more

Could Life Time Tracker Mortgages be the Answer?

Well over 100,000 home owners will see their mortgage end from now until Christmas and will be looking for a deal. When their mortgage expires they will be moved onto less attractive standard variable rates (SVR). Many borrowers are already looking for a good deal ahead of their mortgage term coming to an end. Read more

Barclays Offer New Switch & Fix Option

Barclays bank, under its Woolwich brand has launched a new ‘Switch and Fix’ product that will allow all its customers to move from a tracker mortgage to a fixed rate mortgage without incurring an early repayment charge. Read more

Barclays Celebrate With Mortgage Rate Cuts

The Woolwich, part of the Barclays group that offers a broad range of mortagges in the UK market has ramped up its mortgage lending over the last 3 years by nearly 50%.

This is a giant leap by the mortgage company since the industry average has been 3.5% over the same period. During this period, the bank has agreed almost £56 billion in home loans resulting in its mortgage portfolio bulging to £100 billion. Read more

Barclays launches ‘loyalty’ mortgages

Barclays is following a number of high street lenders  like Halifax, Co-op, and the Spanish bank Santander in offering loyalty mortgages to its existing customers who hold current accounts with them. Read more

To Fix or Not to Fix

Everyday new reports come out either predicting a rate change or confirming that the base rate with stay the same for some time. This is causing many homeowners anguish as they struggle to decide whether to fix their mortgages or not. Read more

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