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Bank of Ireland’s tracker mortgages!

Bank of Ireland’s tracker mortgage!

Tracker mortgage deals have proved popular in recent years. These particular mortgages are supposed to give home owners peace of mind that their mortgage rate would not suddenly increase because the bank needed to boost its profit margins.

Currently the bank of Ireland has a range of tracker deals, with some customers paying just 1.74 per cent above the bank rate. Read more

Credit Conditions

The Bank of England’s credit conditions survey is part of their mission to maintain monetary stability and financial stability through understanding trends and developments in credit conditions.

The availability of bank lending has remained unchanged in the first 3 months of 2012, according to the latest Bank of England credit condition survey. Read more

Bank of Ireland Bouncing Back

The Bank of Ireland is one of the ‘Big Four’ in both Ireland and Northern Ireland. Historically the bank used to be the premier bank in Ireland but has been overtaken by Allied Irish banks. Although not to be confused with the Central Bank of Ireland, which is the Irish central bank. The Bank of Ireland does have a unique place in Irish banking history. The old bank of Ireland is an ancient institution which was established by Royal Charter back in 1783. Read more