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Letting Agents to be Regulated

Letting Agents to be Regulated.

Demand in the rental sector has rocketed over the last few years as more and more people have found themselves unable to get a foot on to the property ladder, which in turn has sent the cost of renting soar.

Figures have shown that currently close to 5 million households in the UK privately rent and there are around 11,560 firms involved in lettings throughout the UK. Read more

First Time Buyers at High Levels.

First Time Buyers at High Levels.

A large number of mortgage lenders have already reduced their rates substantially in recent months and this is largely due to the fact that lenders are now able to access cheap finance through the governments funding for lending which was launched in August last year.

Although it now seems that competition in the mortgage rate war looks set to increased in the next few months as mortgage lenders revealed in a recent bank of England survey that they intend to push their rates down even further. Read more

Equity Release Demand Increases.

April House Prices.

April House Prices.

It seems that several housing market studies have reported improvements in the housing market in recent months following the launch of the governments funding for lending scheme.

House price have mounted a partial recovery since the 2007 and 2008 property crash, but it appears that the South East and London have drove many of the improvements.

The Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) indicated that the number of first time buyers in the first 2 months of this year was at its highest level in 5 years.

Official figures recently revealed that European house prices fell in the fourth quarter of 2012, however it appears that Britain bucked this trend as property values rose. Britain went against the trend showing a 2.3 per cent jump in property prices.

According to Rightmove, the leading property website, house sellers have raised their average asking prices by 2.1 per cent, thus setting a new record for this time of the year. Prices have risen by around £15,717 since the start of the year and are therefore just £1,500 behind June 2012’s record high.

Analysis of house prices show that the biggest jump in house prices was in East Anglia, where the typical asking figure jumped 4.4 per cent.

Even more recent figures have revealed that house prices have hit an April high, fuelling expectations of a property market revival.

It also seems that the gap between home owners asking prices and actual selling prices has also narrowed, this may be due in part to the fact that many buyers find it easier to obtain loans.

Peter Spencer, chief economic adviser to the Ernst and Young Item Club, said “ real incomes are already starting to recover, mortgages are becoming more readily available and homes are more affordable as the house price to earnings ratio continue to fall”.

Current data from mortgage lender Halifax put the latest price to wages ratio for the UK at 4.51, which is down from a peak of 5.83 recorded in the summer of 2007.

Miles Shipside, director of Rightmove, suggests “with London prices pausing for breath this month but likely to bounce back, May looks like an odds on bet to deliver a new asking price record”.

According to current data more than a million people are expected to move house this year.

Therefore the influential Ernst and Young Item Club forecast that Britain’s property market is a “win win” scenario in 2013.

Many estate agents have also reported more activity in more segments of the property market. Although figures have shown that the run of houses coming on to the market in April was 4 per cent down on just a year ago.

However some analysts have warned that many of these figures appear too optimistic.

Ed Stansfield, chief property economist at Capital Economics, adds “the underlying reality is that outside of London, the UK market is still extremely flat and large parts of the market are seeing steady downward drifts”.

Buying a Property Overseas. Part 2.

Buying a Property Overseas. Part 2.

It seems that at a time when every penny counts people have realised that they could potentially get more for their money by buying property abroad.

The boom in buying property abroad began with the fall of interest rates. However, house prices in the UK begun to fall towards the end of 2012 and mortgage rates are also starting to look better for buyers, thus tempting people back to the UK housing market. Read more

Buying a Property Overseas. Part 1

Buying a Property Overseas. Part 1

It seems that even in the current economic climate buying a property abroad is more popular than ever with increasing numbers of people purchasing a holiday home.

At one time buying a property abroad was considered to be something only the ‘well off’ did. However in recent years we have seen a rise in house sales overseas. Read more

Tracker Mortgages.

Improved Confidence in Equity Release.

Warnings over Help to Buy Scheme!

Warnings over Help to Buy Scheme!

According to some recent analysis the housing market is still not functioning properly after the 2008 financial crisis.

Therefore in last month’s budget, George Osborne the chancellor of the exchequer, announced two measures, in the form of the ‘help to buy’ scheme, in order to kickstart house building and also the housing market. Read more

New Mortgage Lenders to Launch this Year.

New Mortgage Lenders to Launch this Year.

It appears that many mortgage brokers have reported increasing numbers of clients and also better mortgage availability, so it therefore means that 2013 may be shaping up to be a more successful year than 2012.

Therefore it is no wonder that experts have predicted that 2013 may an important year for new lenders entering the market, particularly with the offer of new liquidity and for those who have a ‘real’ appetite to lend. The challenges are clear but there are opportunities out there. Read more

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