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Capped Mortgages Good Value or a Bad Bet?

Those borrowers who are looking to take advantage of the sustained low Bank of England base rate of 0.5%, but are worried about future raises and want some sort of protection from them should look at capped mortgages. Read more

Lowest Fixed Rate Interest Rates

A new report published by the UK central bank, the Bank of England shows that average rates for fixed rates are as low as 3.36 percent. The data suggests that those in the UK with a 25 year mortgage on a two year fixed rate have average rates of 3.36 percent in the month of June. Read more

Being a Buy to Let Landlord

The national landlord association announced that they welcome the recent increase in buy-to-let products, but also stressed that they need to be sustainable. Read more

Yorkshire Building Society to Purchase Egg Mortgage Customers

Customers of the internet bank Egg are set to move to Yorkshire Building Society following a move by the northern based company to purchase Egg’s customers. The move which was announced recently still requires approval in the courts as it will mean £2.5 billion of savings and £430 million in mortgages will move to the Yorkshire Building Society. Read more

Homes For Sale Hit Two Year High

The troubled UK housing market has left thousands of unsold properties up and down the UK. The number of homes on estate agents books are at their highest levels for the last two years sparking concern by a number of leading industry experts that the market may be in turmoil. Read more

Part Three Buy to Let – Finding a Property

To make the most of a buy-to-let investment you need to thoroughly understand the state of the housing market. Before choosing a property and arranging the finance to purchase it there are a number of factors to look into. Read more

Part Two – Is a buy-to-let right for you?

The buy-to-let market maybe growing in popularity but does it stack up as a viable investment, is now the time to consider putting money into this area again or are there still too many potential downsides. According to a report published by Lane Fox estate agents property has beaten other financial investments over the last 5 years. Read more

Part One Buy to Let Mortgages

Buy to let it seems is enjoying a return with more people investing in properties as a way of securing finance for their retirements and also as many less fortunate people are turning to renting unable to secure mortgages for themselves. Read more

Discounted Mortgage

In our final article in a series looking at mortgages available in the UK look at discounted mortgages. Recently we looked at standard variable mortgages and how they were calculated they seem to be full of ifs and maybes everything seems to rest on the Bank of England base rate whether it rises or falls. Today it is the turn of the discounted mortgage this is a special discount on your interest rate over a specified period of time to try to attract new customers. Read more

Kensington Launches 90% Loan to Value

Resently the Kensington mortgage lender re evaluated the loan to value (LTV) on its mortgage products and launched a 90% loan to value (LTV) during May of this year. Read more

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