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The Good Deals

There are some great deals out there at the moment but not everyone seems to qualify for them and according to the online financial information service Moneyfacts, interest rates are at their lowest point for the last 23 years on new mortgages. Read more

Mortgage Rates Hit all Time Low

The UK mortgage rates have hit their lowest point in the last 23years. This is great news overall but with high deposits still being asked for by lenders overall sales are still subdued compared to where they could be. Read more

FSA U-Turn

The FSA was due to publish their report on controversial reforms on the 23rd of July but they have decided to delay the publication. The Financial Services Authority has admitted that their attempts to protect borrowers from risks is actually likely to restrict lending and seriously damage the UK economy. Read more

Rates, the High’s and Low’s

What will happen next, this is the question on everyone’s lips. Will the base rate change, will it maintain it’s record low, will lenders continue to compete for customers and reduce rates even further. All good questions and key questions if you are looking to invest in the near future. Read more

RBS in the Dock over Bad Mortgages

During the credit crisis over half a billion dollars of mortgage bonds went sour resulting in the UK governments bail out of the Royal Bank of Scotland group. The group is now majority owned by the UK government and ultimately the British Taxpayer. Read more

Market to Remain Flat

Market experts are expecting the housing and mortgage market to continue to remain flat for a little while further. There was a slight rebound in May but industry experts are still holding steady that there is further gloom on the horizon. Read more

More Help for First Time Buyers

Today, the government has launched another scheme to try and help first time buyers get a foot on to the housing market.  The scheme is a combined effort from the government and housebuilders to offer an equity loan of up to 20 per cent to potential buyers.  Read more

Base Rate Rise Delayed

Savers will have to wait a little longer to see any increase in the interest on their savings but what is bad news for them is great news for borrowers as the Bank of England base rate is predicted to remain low for some time to come. Read more

FSA to overtake EU on Regulations

In an attempt to make the UK more regulated than the rest of Europe, UK regulators have been shoehorning in regulation independently to the EU directives coming down the road.  Mervin King has accused the UK regulators of damaging unilateral action in their attempts to rush through new regulation ahead of the EU.  Read more

First Time Buyer Boost

For those first time buyers who have a modest deposit, there is some good news as banks and building societies are now returning to the market and catering for their needs.  The number of first time buyers in the UK has nearly trebled over the past few years and the number of products on offer has more than doubled. In 2009, according to there were only about 62 products on offer and now there appear to be more than 183 mortgage offers.  Read more

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