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Inflation Down

The trend of rising inflation since the middle of last year has been broken when inflation went down to 4 per cent in March.  Middle Eastern conflicts and tension in Africa has seen the price of oil being pushed higher and investors a little concerned.  Read more

The Budget and the Impact on Lenders

What is clear for the budgets that have come out and, dare I say, will come out for the time being, is that they are all consistent in keeping with the principals of the emergency budget set.  Fiscal recovery remains the absolute focus for the UK Government and they have very little money for manoeuvre.  Read more

IMLA Set to Lend More

The annual dinner held by the Intermediary Mortgage Lenders Association last year was an event in the calendar of all borrowers and lenders.  The members, after many months of indecision finally made a vote of confidence in the IML’s role and value. Read more

Mortgage Reform Could Cause Issues

The European mortgage market is undergoing a regulatory overhaul and there is a distinct impression amongst industry experts that these reforms may very well conflict with the UK mortgage market changes.  Read more

ICB Questions Remain Unanswered

The Independent Commission on Banking published their initial recommendations the other week but there are still some key questions left unanswered.  A consultation period between the UK Government and the industry will be carried out over the course of a few months to gauge feeling and ratify the proposals.   What are the key questions for the industry and what will the impacts be for you and your lender or bank? Read more

Variable or Fixed Rate Mortgage

Recently the Bank of England maintained the startling base rate of 0.5 per cent.  This should come as no surprise to the readers of  With the struggling pound and the weak progress of the pound against other currencies, the Monetary Policy Committee has decreed that the base rate should not change.  This marks the 25th month running that the committee has decided against a change.  Millions of borrowers will be effected when the rates do change and will have to decide if switching is the right thing to do. Read more

RBS Back in the Mix

The Royal Bank of Scotland Group is still reeling form the effects of their disastrous last few years which saw it become mostly UK Government owned and sighted as one of the biggest failures in responsible lending. Read more

New Way to Save on your Mortgage

A cleaver way to save thousands on your mortgage, eliminate your borrowing and clear your debt in record time. Read more

Jumping and Leading with JPMorgan

JP Morgan Chase reported a massive 67 per cent increase in their earning for the first quarter of this year but the issues within their home lending sector continue to weigh them down and cause some concern. Read more

Change at Northern Rock

A deal was struck recently which will see Northern Rock manage 400,000 mortgage accounts on a platform from Unisys.  The holding company, tasked with managing Northern Rocks closed mortgage books, UK Asset Resolution ratified the deal in early April but the paperwork has been signed since the fourth quarter of last year.  Read more

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