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Lloyds Auction 600 Branches

Lloyds Banking Group Plc, the biggest mortgage lender in Britain, is poised to change the face of the banking network forever in the next few days. Lloyds have solicited the help of the investment giants Citygroup Incorporated and JP Morgan Chase & Co. to help find buyers for about 600 branches that Lloyds have to sell. Read more

Leeds Building Society Lend a Hand

The Leeds Building Society has pledged to help the mortgage market by targeting an increase in lending by up to 25 per cent during 2011. Leeds Building Society reported a tidy £42.2 million pre tax profits last year and by increasing their lending to borrowers, we can be sure that their profits will be suitably increased this year too. Read more

HSBC Bank plc Lowers Mortgage Rates for New Customers

Yes, today HSBC Bank plc has made the bold move and lowered it’s mortgage rates for new customers who live in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The rates have been decreased across its variable mortgage products and over its Amanah Home Finance for only new customers. This is effective immediately. Read more

US Treasury Department to Sell Toxic Assets

Earlier this week, the US Treasury Department said that it would start to sell on the toxic assets that it had accumulated during the financial crisis. It is also hoped that selling these assets, worth an estimated 142 billion dollars, will close another chapter in the financial crises and bring about renewed confidence in the system and plan in place. Read more

Halifax Pay Out Over Errors

Halifax has been paying around £500 million in compensation after it emerged that their literature was far to convoluted, complicated and confusing, resulting in about 300,000 homeowners paying more than they had expected to. Read more

Bank of America in the Dock

A Federal District Court judge in the USA has recently endorsed the continued prosecution of the Bank of America by the German Deutsche Bank AG and the French mortgage lender BNP Paribas SA.  Their issues are broadly relating to the losses that they incurred through the collapse of Taylor Bean and Whittaker Mortgage Corporation.  Read more

The Best Mortgage to Have

With the Bank of England maintaining low interest rates recently, the lowest interest rate for the last two years, and the support of the market place with Loan to Value mortgages back to between the 10 – 20 per cent value, it is apparent that there is a opportunity to motivate and provide incentives first time buyers to get into the housing market with earnest. Further developments at a local council level have been released in a recent publication which aim to help out even further. Read more

A Warning from the Bank of England

The Bank of England (BoE) has warned the UK that there is a distinct likelihood that inflation may soon e above 5 per cent. This may even happen within the next few months and adds more emphasis behind the push to raise interest rates. Read more

Freddie Mac on YouTube

In a bizarre but potentially quite savvy move from Freddie Mac, they have gone on the record to clear up some myths about repossessions.  This week Freddie Mac have launched their very own YouTube Channel with brief 90 to 120 second streamed videos. Read more

Higher Mortgage Rates, No Matter What

What options are there if you want to take out a tracker mortgage? The choices, if
you don’t want to take out a fixed rate mortgage and want a variable rate mortgage
instead, are quite straight forward. There are two options within the variable / tracker
mortgages offered. Read more

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