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Northern Rock Support First Time Buyers WIth 90% LTV Mortgage

First time buyers are starting to see an end in sight to the troubles they have had following the financial crisis. A number of mortgage lenders have launched new products which they claim will help first time buyers.

Northern Rock, the sate owned back that was rescued by tax payers following it causing the first run on a British bank in over 100 years. The bank recently announced that it will offer mortgages with a loan to value of 90%. These sorts of mortgages are classes as first time buyer mortgages because only a small deposit is required so those looking to get their foot onto the expensive UK property market wont need to save up as much as what was previously required. Read more

Yorkshire Building Society Trebles Number of Mortgages

In the last few months the Yorkshire building society has been going all out to attract new customers. For some time now they have topped the best buy tables in terms of value and pricing. A good example of their marketing leading rates is their 2.29% two year tracker which has a fee of £995 and a loan to value of 60%. By pushing some of the best deal on the market, Yorkshire Building Society has managed to treble its number of mortgages in 2010. Read more

Leeds Pledges up to 30% Increase in Mortgage Sales

Leeds Building Society has announced that it will boost its mortgage lending in 2011 following the news that it took deposits to record levels. The building society agreed that it would increase its lending to mortgage customers by a massive 30% which is great news in a struggling industry that has seen mortgage lending fall to some of the lowest levels since the 80’s. Read more

UK Mortgage & Housing Market Set For Further Drops

The start of 2011 has not been an improvement for the housing market or the UK mortgage market. Britain’s everywhere are starting to feel to full extent of the coalition governments spending cuts. Already experts are predicting a 20% drop in house prices over the next two years. Read more

More Dismal Housing Figures For UK Market

New figures paint a dismal picture of current mortgage lending in the UK. The report shows that lending by the leading Banks and Building Societies is at its lowest levels for eleven and a half years. Read more

Big Lenders Dont Always Have The Best Mortgage Deal

Many UK borrowers either go to their bank for their home loans or to one of the big high street names like the Halifax, Santander, Northern Rock or HSBC. A recent report has suggested that the big lenders may not always be the best or the most cost effective. Many smaller providers are managing to top to best buy tables with their mortgage offerings and provide some fantastic deals. Read more

Bumper Bonus Season Set to Kick Start City Housing Market

Its bonus season for city bankers and with big profits comes big bonuses for some working in global markets and investments. Those looking forward to six figure pay out will not be worrying about the strict lending rules that banks and building societies but in place following the financial crisis. The new rules require property hunters to have large deposits and these cash rich few will have just that. Read more

Deposit For First Time Buyer Now More Than Annual Salary

A report published recently by the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) has highlighted the plight of first time buyers. The new data which shows the amount of deposit required by anyone wanting to get onto the UK property market suggests that a first time buyer would need a whole years salary as a deposit. Read more

Nationwide Warn of Fixing Mortgage Too Soon

Home owners in the UK have long been faced with the tough dilemma of whether to fix their mortgage ahead of any interest rate increases or to stick with a cheaper variable rate. have long discussed the pros and cons of getting a fixed rate mortgage but in reality, it just depends on individuals circumstances and how much risk they are willing to deal with. Read more

Santander Tops The Mortgage Best Buy Tables

The banking giant Santander that took over a number of British high street banks during the height of the financial crisis, has launched a new market leading mortgage. The new mortgage which is topping many of the best buy tables is a two year 90% loan to value (LTV) mortgage. At the same time the bank which is calling itself the ‘Home of UK Mortgages’ has also reduced a number of their mortgage rates. Read more

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