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1.95% Deal for French Mortgages for Property in France

If you have a property in France and looking for a good euro rate deal then a new product has been launched at just 1.95% for 80% loan to value. Read more

Nationwide report House Prices Down by 0.5%

A new report just published shows quarterly house price results which has shown the first fall in five months. The report which is published by the largest building Society in the world, Nationwide shows a 0.5% reduction which is worrying news to an already fragile market. Read more

Low Base Rate Predicted for Next Few Years

If analysts are right, tracker and variable mortgages are set to be the best value for money mortgages in the next few years.

An independent economic forecasting group linked to the accounting firm Ernst and Young is predicting that the Bank of England based rate is set set to remain at its record low of 0.5% until the end of 2013. Read more

Barclays and Bovis Perfect 10 Mortgage Offer

Two big corporations have teamed up together to offer a special mortgage product. Barclays Bank and Bovis now offer a new mortgage deal for purchasers of Bovis homes requiring just a 10% deposit. Read more

Ex Northern Rock Boss Fined for Mortgage Reporting

The former financial chief of Northern Rock, the bailed out bank that was the first British bank in 150 year to suffer a bank run has been fined £320,000 by the financial services regulator the FSA. Read more

2 Year Fixed Rate Mortgages Lowest in Years

As many people are still reluctant to move from their historic low standard variable rate mortgages competition has increased to get you and I off these rates. Read more

Bank of Ireland Bouncing Back

The Bank of Ireland is one of the ‘Big Four’ in both Ireland and Northern Ireland. Historically the bank used to be the premier bank in Ireland but has been overtaken by Allied Irish banks. Although not to be confused with the Central Bank of Ireland, which is the Irish central bank. The Bank of Ireland does have a unique place in Irish banking history. The old bank of Ireland is an ancient institution which was established by Royal Charter back in 1783. Read more

Borrowers Tread Crarefully When Estate Agents Sell Loans

When looking for a new home many of us head straight for the estate agents. We know that whilst they may have a bad reputation most are professional, trustworthy and provide a great service when buying a new home. Estate agents have been keen to fill the gap in income that the struggling housing market has creased by offering other services like surveying and mortgage advice but borrower should beware! Read more

The Halifax…Still Giving “A Little Extra Help”

Halifax used to be the UK’s largest building society but after it demutualised in 1997 it became part of the Bank of Scotland creating the HBOS group.

The Halifax is now the UK’s largest provider of residential mortgage. It is named after the town (Halifax in West Yorkshire) where is still has its headquarters although. The Halifax was hard hit by the credit crunch and was sold to the Lloyds banking group to avoid a potential collapse. The mortgage giant still uses its slogan “A little extra help” but take a look at whether the Halifax is still living up to it. Read more

Publicly Owned Northern Rock Reduced its Mortgage Rates

The troubled Newcastle based British Bank Northern Rock, has reduced its rates on a range of everyday residential mortgages and further reduced its but to let products by up to 0.5%. Read more

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