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New Sale and Rent Back Rules Protect Homeowners

The Financial Services Authority (FSA) has announced new rules to protect struggling homeowners. The rules which were laid out by the incumbent financial industry regulator are welcomed by many including Read more

House Prices Rise in June say Nationwide

The latest price change index published by the Nationwide Building Society say that the average house price in the UK has increased by 0.1% in June 2010. Read more

Mortgage Market Stagnates Against Positive Figures

Reports out today showing the state of the mortgage market in May are pointing towards a stagnated market. Many analysts are unexcited about the boost in lending and still predict little improvement in the housing markets due to the slow economic recovery. Read more

Fixed Rate Mortgages More Popular Than Ever

Recent research shows that more people are opting for a fixed rate mortgage in these current troubled times than a year ago. Read more

Computer says yes! with Nationwide

Although people have heard of nationwide; its more likely that it’s for their history of sponsoring the English football league rather than their range of mortgages. The Nationwide has recently moved away from football sponsorship, and is instead being fronted by comedy double act; David Walliams and Matt Lucas. The well known pair from Little Britain have re-launched Nationwide but are wondering whether the flashy campaign is getting the message across. Here we take a closer look at some of the exclusive deals that Nationwide are offering. Read more

5 Ways to Get Your Mortgage Application Refused

After all the complicated paperwork is completed to get a new mortgage on your dream home there may come a day when you get a call to say your application has been refused. Why could this happen – we find out…. Read more

Theres value in a name of your street address

Are you one of the lucky ones out there that have managed to find the perfect  new home, got a mortgage on a great rate and are ready to move in? Or are you still searching the net and pounding the streets going from estate agent to estate agent looking for your own little corner of the world to call your own? Read more

1.99% mortgages and predictions for further cuts

The Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) is predicting a slow down in the UK economic growth as a result of the recent budget announced by the new coalition Government’s George Osborne. Read more

High hopes for borrowers with small deposits

Following the financial crisis many borrowers have had to move away from the sub prime mortgage market and undertake much less riskier lending. This means that it has become much harder to find mortgage deals that first time buyers can afford. This is many due to the increasingly largest deposits that are been ask for by lenders. This is referred to as loan to value (LTV). Read more

Offset offers encourage you to save

Although relatively new, many borrowers are moving to offset mortgages whilst many other struggle to understand what they are or are unaware of their existence. A mortgage of this type offsets the amount of interest you pay on a mortgage (the rate) against money that you have in your savings and current account. Read more

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