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The Post Office Once Again Cuts Its Mortgage Rates.

The Post Office Once Again Cuts Its Mortgage Rates.

With the second phase of the Help to Buy scheme now underway it seems that some lenders are starting to come out with competitive rates on high loan to value (LTV) products.

The thing is that getting a foot on the first rung of the housing ladder is still a real struggle and saving for a deposit is often the biggest hurdle. However, deals that require a smaller deposit can go some way to easing the financial strain…. Read more

The Post Office Reduces its Mortgage Rates Again!

The Post Office Reduces its Mortgage Rates Again!

Just recently the Post Office has announced further cuts to a number of its fixed rate and tracker mortgage products.

This particular announcement appears to take five of their two and three year fixed rate and tracker deals to the top of the mortgage best buy tables. Read more

Post Office Cuts Fixed Rate Mortgages!

Post Office Cuts Fixed Rate Mortgages!

It seems that if you pop in to your local Post Office you will now be offered an array of financial products alongside your book of stamps and passport application.

The Post Office is a financial services partner of the bank of Ireland personal finance limited, which is part of the bank of Ireland group. Read more

Post Office Cut Their Mortgage Rates!

Post Office Cut Their Mortgage Rates!

The start of 2013 has seen an avalanche of lenders offering mortgage rate cuts.

Lenders have been tempting borrowers with a range of cuts to fixed rate mortgage deals and the lowering of mortgage fees. Read more

The Post Office Steps up in the Mortgage Market.

The Post Office steps up in the mortgage market.

With trust in the major high street banks is at an all time low, it seems that the Post Office is hoping to build its presence as a financial service provider.

According to analysts the Post Office is one of the fastest growing financial service providers in the UK. Read more

5 Year Fixed Rate Mortgages

The interest rates at which banks lend money to each other and on which fixed rate deals are based have recently been on the rise, therefore borrowers on variable rates who are considering switching to a fixed rate should get their skates on if they want obtain the cheapest deals.

Clare Francis, site editor at, stated “with inflation remaining stubbornly above the governments 2% target, pressure is mounting on the Bank of England to start increasing interest rates”. Read more

Lenders Launch New Deals

With the Bank of England base rate looking to stay at it’s historically low of 0.5% for the foreseeable future, 2012 looks set to offer at least some new lending opportunities as new and more accessible products come on the market.

Many banks and building societies have therefore promised to increase the number of cheap deals available to borrowers. Read more

Post Office Reduces Mortgages Rates

The post office may not be the first place that borrowers go to look for a mortgage but it is probably one of the most well established and respected institutions in the UK today. Read more

Offers of Help to First Time Buyers in a Subdued Market

Banks and building societies are predicting a pretty slow mortgage market for the remainder of 2010. The Council of Mortgage Lenders announced that just over £13 billion had been lent in the first half of the year but were not expecting any increases in the second half. Read more

Post Office Slashes Rate But Be Wary

The Post Office has reduced its mortgages rates in a bid to attract new customers and breath some life into its mortgage arm. Their two year fixed rate deal is now a market leader amongst banks and building societies in the sector. Read more

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